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Source: The Express [online] 


My date with the beauty witch

Can a mystic makeover help EMMA ROBERTSON turn love enchantress and find her Mr Right?


Hubble bubble I’m in trouble, make me gorgeous on the double. If only looking good was as easy as that. When I look in the mirror I sometimes worry that the man of my dreams is more likely to run a mile than into my arms. So, with Hallowe’en just around the corner, I decided to take matters into my own hands and pay a visit to beauty witch Pauline Reid.


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Source: Strathbungo Village [online]
Magic Massage at Bewitching Beauty
In the old heart of what was once Strathbungo Village there is a somewhat unique shop, offering a range of witch related services, including psychic readings and magical consultations and selling 'spell kits'. On what is now Pollockshaws Road, Bewitching Beauty is a Beauty & Holistic Salon which as well as offering witchery also sells natural skin care products and offers a range of natural therapies.​
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Source: The Scotsman [online]
The Fair Witch Project
Many of us zap ourselves with electric pulses, burn ourselves with lasers and put our faith in the goddesses Elemis and Clarins. But, in one part of Scotland at least, some women are looking to an altogether more ancient method of boosting their attractiveness - witchcraft.
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