Relax, unwind and renew yourself. Epsom salt has remarkable healing properties & if you combine that with the herbal aromas of eucalyptus, rosemary and black pepper, our New Moon Bath Salts will make your feel brand new! *Comes with out Purity Lotus Soap as part of the New Moon Bathing Ritual

New Moon Bath Blend

  • Moon Phase : New

    Purpose : Cleanse, Purify, Recharge.

    To set fresh intentions & clear whats holding you back.

    Start by lighting a votive candle or tealight and then run your bath.

    Add a handful of New Moon Bath Blend and agitate the water.

    Place the Purity Lotus soap where you can see it and immerse yourself in the soothing water and relax for 10 mins. Imagine the water absorbing all your worries as they seep from your pores.

    Finish by washing your hands with the lotus soap while repeating the mantra 3 times (before pulling the plug).

    I wash away what I no longer need, preparing myself for the life I will lead, achieving my dreams and reaching my goal, washing is good, good for the  soul

    Dry and robe while watching the water from the bath drain and see all the negativy go down the plughole.

    Extinguish candle flame and save for future rituals.

    Place the remainder of the soap in the baggie & wash your hands with it each day repeating your Mantra X3